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Photos from 1st Squadron

1st Squadron "Stingers"

4 months 3 weeks ago

Dear friends,

As promised, here are some more pictures from Mountain Home AFB, thanks to the 366th Fighter Wing Public Affair Team.

Vipers in Idaho!

USAF photos

1st Squadron "Stingers"

4 months 3 weeks ago

Chers amis,

La base de Florennes organise ses Aviation Days les 23 et 24 juins.

Nous y serons, bien entendu! Nous espérons vous y voir nombreux!

1st Squadron "Stingers"

5 months 4 hours ago

Nice video from the RCAF about the Maple Flag Exercise.

Enjoy! 😎

It's time for our annual Exercise #MAPLEFLAG #FighterFriday! How many fighters do you see?

The Belgian Air Component (Belgian Air Force), Royal Australian Air Force, and the U.S. Navy train in various aircraft with the Royal Canadian Air Force during week 1 of Exercise MAPLE FLAG 51 taken from June 8 – June 14, 2018 at 4 Wing, Cold Lake, Alberta.

ANSWER: There are 26 fighters by our count in this week one highlight video. And what a week it was! On average there were 30+ jets in the air at any given time: air-to-air refueling, targeting and electronic warfare were just some of the skills being developed - all in an effort to train with our #FriendsPartnersAllies

🎥: OS Erica Seymour, 4 Wing Imaging

Photos from 1st Squadron

1st Squadron "Stingers"

5 months 1 day ago

Dear friends,

Here are some pictures from Mountain Home AFB. More fill follow 😉

Pictures by Airman 1st Class Janae Capuno, USAF

1st Squadron "Stingers"

5 months 1 week ago

Dear friends,

We now have moved to Cold Lake to take part to te Maple Flag. It give us the opportunity to share this Canadian magazine with you. And guess who’s on it? 😁


The Aviation Magazine No 57 Special Edition 2018 Volume 9 Issue 4

1st Squadron "Stingers"

5 months 3 weeks ago

CCD 2018 - Mountain Home (USA) and Cold Lake (Canada)

Dear friends,

Our deployment to North-America is on its way.

We are first performing a Block Training at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho (Home base of the F-15E Strike Eagle in the Northern part of the USA) and then we will take part to the 51st iteration of the Maple Flag exercise in Cold Lake, Alberta (Home base of the CF-18 Hornets for Western Canada).

Of course many pictures and stories will be shared with you!

Stay tuned.. and Sting On!

1st Squadron "Stingers"

5 months 4 weeks ago


Dear friends, here is an article about our deployment in Amari Air Base during Enhanced Air Policing Mission 2017, led by our squadron with great support of 2W Tac maintenance and support teams.

Article by Luc Dujardin

Nouvel article : EAPM 2017 + From the cockpit

1st Squadron "Stingers"

6 months 6 days ago

Diamonds are forever!

Have a happy Thursday dear friends!

A la Premiere!

1st Squadron "Stingers"

6 months 1 week ago

Our mighty Deltas with the even more mighty Tomcat. Full story below, thanks to Belgian Wings 🙂

Formation flying with the mighty Tomcat and the story on how it happened thanks to David Parsons (USN F-14 Pilot Ret) for the permission to share the story and pic

It started after chance encounter (in a bar) with 3 Belgian Mirage V Pilots on they way home from eastern Med Det. We had 2 Tomcats based at Sig while ship was moored off Catania. We rotated 2 aircrews ashore via Helo daily for low level flights. I proposed a formation flight but they said they would be tight on gas so I openly wondered what if we took off first and allowed them to overtake us so we could do it on their departure route. They agreed to try but we all agreed to keep the Italian ATC folks in the dark.....So I was stalling away on the radio trying to appease the Italian controller who wasn’t sure what he was or was not seeing on his scope (I had “strangled my parrot (IFF)”) so he was only seeing the IFF return for them, but wondering where we were....so I was telling them we were on low level and giving position reports well in advance of where we would be...

Source: Christophe Vandepitte / Belgian Wings